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Lightning Issue ML120 RGB Elite, Commander core, h150 Elite lcd

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Hello together,

i got following issue regarding the ML Fans in Combination with CoCo.


I got connected 6 Fans (RGB + PWM) to the CoCo from the h150 Elite LCD . When i boot my computer, all 6 Fans start spinning for a second and stop then. Lights dont turn on. After around 20 seconds into the boot, everything Starts and Work fine.


Today i installed the remaining 4 same fans. RGB connected to Lightning Node Core, and PWM to MoBo. This 4 Fans starts correct when i boot the system, without any issues (Light and PWM). The Others 6 Fans @ CoCo still have the Problem and do not Turn on at start.

Any ideas how i can solve this ?

Everything is connected to the USB hub NZXT.

Mainboard strix z370 h gaming

Thanks for your ideas.






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This is normal behavior for the Commander Core.

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