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Virtuoso XT - Bluetooth Skipping Audio, Lagging Mic, Unusable

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I picked up the XT specifically for Bluetooth. I plan to use these with my phone and with my work laptop. The wireless dongle is too big anyways and would get snapped off at some point on my work laptop. 

The wireless portion works great with the dongle. But Bluetooth is an absolute mess. For simple audio it seems fine, but I can't be for certain or rely on that either. I was testing with some music and it just because broken completely and is just skipping sounds. The microphone has a massive delay to it, but I believe this is actual lag. So if I was speaking on a VoiP call the audio would be desynced from the video.

What the heck is going on here? I have updated to the newest firmware, but no change. any ideas here?

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