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How do I change the order of devices sequential patterns go through?


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Currently I have 10 QL120 fans connected to two Lighting Node Cores connected via USB to a Commander Pro. They are in a Lian Li Dynamic. The fans on the bottom and side are on one node and the fans on the top and rear are on another. I'd like to setup a Sequential run to start with the rear bottom fan, come to the front, up the side across the top to the back and end at the last fan. Basically, I want green for example, to start on the first fan of node 1, go from fan six on node 1 to fan one on node 2 and end at fan four on node 2. Is this possible? Because of issues I was having, and have sinced resolved, I ordered two Commander Core XTs. Would using them give me what I'm looking for?

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There is no control over device order and using two of the same can be problematic. Cue will decide one LNC is first and the other second, but it can change from boot to boot. Two Commander XTs is the same problem. 

You best level of control is to get either:

a) One Commander XT and keep 1 LNC. The LNC will light before the Com XT. 

b) Find a RGB lighting hub to connect to the Commander Pro. That will allow you to move some fans to it and again the rest to 1 LNCore. 

Be aware this only has immediate value for running the Lighting Link Visor preset. All other lighting link effects are not dynamic fan to fan. There is no way to run the specialized QL presets across multiple controllers (Gate, Ping, etc). You may be able to create custom waves to run sequentially now, but it requires careful calculation and testing to get it to end as the other controller begins. 

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