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HX 1200i damaged mini usb connector, what to do with a digital connector

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Hello. I have a Corsair HX1200i computer power supply. Unfortunately, I damaged the usb connector that was connected to the Corsair link. Above it is the second "digital" 4-pin connector.


I have a cable for this connector, but I don't know where to connect it. It has a strange little tip with 4 pins, but nowhere on the motherboard is there such a connector. What to do with this ? I have a commander pro but there are no such inputs on it, I saw somewhere on the internet on Corsair films where they connected to such a device but I do not know what it is: box_Link2.jpg

Can you help me with my problem? With a damaged usb input on the power supply, I cannot control the fan speed because the Corsair Link does not detect it, and the cable I got to the power supply (the one to the upper connector) I do not know where to connect



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Or else, if I do not connect the Corsair Link cable to it, then the operation of the power supply's fan somehow depends on the temperature or does it not work at all?

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