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H100x with ryzen idling at 60 degrees

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60 degrees was the idle temp before i turned off CPU boost now its around 49 but with 100% utilization its at 89.5 deg. Sata cable and the one pin one is plugged into pump header and is registered at around 4000 rpm every time i had a look i adjusted fan curves to go 100 at 60 deg but this doesnt cool down the cpu. also the pump is set to hit 100% at 60 deg now aswell. this is all in degrees Celsius  

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You likely have a low flow state as the result of some type of blockage. If you recently took the unit down for cleaning, it could be bubbles but you often hear that before you notice the temperature shift. Try tilting the case so the inlet/outlet tubes are higher than the cpu block. 

However most likely this some type of restriction in the flow path and that’s not something you can fix. Contact Corsair support if you are still in your warranty period or look for a replacement. You might get a few minutes at lower temperatures when cold booting, but once you heat it up it can’t get the heat to the radiator. You’re then stuck with the elevated coolant temp in the block until it naturally cools down. This will get worse not better. 

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