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K70 RGB MK.2 "Not available" after a period of time and disappearing of fans on Commander Pro


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I have a strange behavior with my K70 RGB MK.2 and the Commander Pro. Without me doing anything, after a while the keyboard appears as "Unavailable" in Windows idle and all my fans disconnect from the Commander Pro. Only a restart of the iCue service brings everything back to normal.
Keyboard firmware: V3.24
Commander Pro Firmware: V0.9.212
iCUE version: V4.21.173

I've reinstalled iCUE completely clean, didn't help.
Anyone an idea?

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Most users reporting this behavior are also running another full spectrum monitoring program like HWiNFO or AIDA. They try to poll the Corsair devices at the same time as CUE and lock each other up. If you are using HWinfo, set it not to monitor Corsair internal devices like fan controllers, AIOs, and PSUs. I have a much harder time getting AIDA to co-exist, but start by terminating the other program and then reboot to make sure all services restart. 

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