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K100 cannot wake computer from sleep

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Hi, just brought a K100 keyboard. Since I am working with multiple computers I need to unplug and replug (between my gaming rig and wfh pc). I connect both K100's USB (main and passthrough) to a USB splitter and plug the splitter to either one of my machine. I notice under this setup my gaming rig cannot get out of sleep (by pressing keys). I tried to connect K100's USB directly to it and the problem is gone.

So which means K100 has to be connected directly? Since I have 2 machine I need to split the keyboard. Is the splitter the reason? Does K100 has a specific power draw requirement to work? If I get a powered USB hub (instead of a non powered splitter) will it helps?


Thx in adv

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A powered USB hub would be better but I can't be sure that'll solve the problem. It depends on if sleep shuts down the hub (which it may).

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We can only guarantee functionality of our keyboards with the Corsair USB hub -- all others are not supported for use and tend to not provide enough power, along the lines of what DevBiker is saying. 

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