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Virtuoso not found in iCUE

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I am having issues getting my Virtuoso XT to be recognized in iCUE. The headset works as expected as an audio device through USB and with the wireless dongle. But iCUE shows an empty list of devices in either of these scenarios. I have tried all the common device troubleshooting I could think of, but the end result is the same. I have not come across any similar topics here, so I hope someone can help.

I also noticed that the CueLLAccessService.exe likes to take an entire thread worth of the CPU for hours at a time. Sometimes this will calm down to the ideal <.01%, but doesn't change the outcome. I am not sure if this service is related, as this could be a driver communication issue, but I do not know the extent of what that service handles.


  1. Updated from an old version to the latest version.
  2. Verified the headset is using a corsair provided driver, version
  3. Tried plugging it into a primary motherboard port.
  4. Uninstalled and installed the latest version.
  5. Uninstalled, removed all traces of corsair from the filesystem and registry, and installed the latest version.
  6. Tried a few different order of operations, boot with the device plugged in and open iCUE. Boot without device, open iCUE, then plug in device.


iCUE 4.21.173
Windows 10 Enterprise 20H2
Intel Xeon E3 1240

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Same here just updated to 4.21.173 verison on icue and now my void RGB wireless headset not being detected on icue and in device manager saying that driver can not be successfully installed. I do not know what they did but they completely just messed up my headset when it was working fine before I hit that update button. I also went back and installed a previous version to see if it would help. Nope. Did not fix the problem at all. My sibling has the same headset and it did not connect either on my pc but my headset connects fine on their pc and they are running a old version of icue. Hopefully they fix it soon.

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