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Case Swap + AIO and Adding Fans

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I'm somewhat (used loosely) knowledgeable about certain parts of computers, but I've never actually built a system before, so the ignorance will probably be real in some places. A friend of mine (who is no longer with us) built my system for me almost two years ago (I think) at this point. Only upgrades that have been done is the RAM (32 to 64GB), and more recently a 1660ti to a 3080. I've been doing some rendering (with Blender and Daz), and the case's (Deepcool Matrexx 55 V3) lack of airflow is starting to make itself apparent with a 3080, especially during the warmer days this most recent summer).

So, I was thinking if I'm going to upgrade the case, I might as well jump to a bigger AIO. Right now, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with the 5000D Airflow and I'm leaning toward the iCUE H150i Elite LCD. I feel like I'm capable of taking out and then putting in the motherboard/gpu/etc and screwing everything in. Where I'm a little concerned (probably an understatement) is plugging in the PSU, and more specifically, fan cables. I'm already using 6 QL120's (3 front intake, 2 on the radiator as exhaust, and one exhaust in the back), and want to get 4 more for the aforementioned 5000D, which seems like it'd be easy to mess up. Especially when you add 4 more. Any tips or good tutorials on how to hook up Corsair fans? This leads into the few questions I have, really. I've attached a video with all the cables/commanders, a shot of the mother board, and the top USB/Front IO (try to ignore the dust, it was blown out right after this video).

He mentioned not having enough headers (or ports? Sorry, I'm not sure what the terminology was.), so he used both of the top USB 2.0 ports. Well, I'm guessing both as neither of the USB 2.0 ports (only the 3.0/blue port does.) are working at the top/front of the case I'm currently using. So, I guess, in short, what do I need to get or do to run 10 QL120's in a 5000D Airflow? I know there's a commander pro in the case, but i'm not sure what the other two are (one of them is a RGB hub/lighting node pro? Whichever one comes with the QL fans. And a bigger one, though I'm not sure what it is. I think it's a Commander Core, but nothing seems plugged into it? Here's a video of the system and everything I could get on camera.

For the sake of clarity, I'm using a Z490 UD from Gigabyte with an i7 10700 (with an EVGA B5 Series PSU, if that's necessary. Don't think it is.). The video should give you everything else, I'd think. Though, I'll be happy to specify if needed.

Lastly, is there any significant reason to choose front intake (basically like this) over top exhaust for the AIO? I could see the hot air from the AIO upping the heat of the GPU by doing front intake, but maybe that fresh air would keep the CPU cooler? Opinions on that are welcomed, as well. Also, is the thermal paste on these corsair AIOs good enough, or should I look into something higher end?

Any tips, good/clear tutorials (especially in the sense of cables/wires.), or anything else you feel like adding would be helpful. Thanks (and sorry for being so damn wordy.). Hopefully all of this makes sense. 🙂

TL;DR: What do I need to get/How do I get 10 QL120's (3 on front/top and another 3 front/top (one of the aforementioned to put on a H150i Elite LCD), 3 for the side, and one more for exhaust.) running in a 5000D Airflow?

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The first thing to decide when getting a 5000D is whether you want to keep in the side vent panel in place or removed. Sounds like you are thinking to remove it? Its probably better with an AIO to leave that cover in place and put the AIO in the top which is the best place. An AIO is quite efficient at removing heat so it doesn't mind if the air is slightly warmer from the GPU versus the GPU cooler which is quite susceptible to any increase in air temp. And the "Airflow" version of this case is not a joke; there is plenty of air moving through to cool it all.

The H150i (and any other Corsair AIO) comes with everything you need to make its fans spin and light up, so don't worry about buying any kind of controller or whatever for that.

The thermal paste preapplied is just fine; after a couple of years that stuff dries out so worry about replacing it then not now.

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