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Corsair fans and hubs, how many?

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Hello! I am waiting for my TT The tower 900 to arrive. I also bought 2x Corsair 460 thick radiators wich will have 4pcs QL120 fans each.

And also im guessing the chassi would use one or two fans too. That summons up to 8 fans for the radiators and maby one or two for the chassi.
How do i connect these? I have one commander pro waiting and two lighting node core.

Do i need two commander pros for this setup?


Best regards,


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I think in this instance I would use PWM hubs to control the banks of 4 in back. These are inexpensive and can power and control 4-10 fans from one Commander Pro header. They will all run the same speed, but there is no reason for individual control. If you did want separate radiator control you could use two smaller ones using two C-Pro headers. This leaves 3-4 headers to control the main chamber 2 fans as well as the top/rear exhaust from the back chamber. 1 header in reserve for the pump. 

RGB and PWM control are separate aspects on Corsair fans and they do not need to be on the same controller. The LED ports on the Commander are better saved for pump/res and water block lighting. You can use the lighting node Core devices in the QL multi-pack for fan RGB control. Each LNCore can handle six RGB fans, but the way the case sets up you’ll want at least two so you can run each left/right radiator fan set as a separate lighting group. You may want a 3rd to put any other RGB fan on in the main chamber or rear, but they also can go in slots 5+6 on both devices. At the software level those fans can be assigned individual lighting effects and are not bound to the rest of the group. 

What might alter the PWM hub decision above is if you need more than 2 LED ports for reservoirs, blocks, or strips. A second Commander Pro provides 2 more to bring the total to 4. This also could be done with the much smaller Lighting Node Pro if you have one. 

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