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K63 charging port faulty

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Firstly, the port is terrible. There's too much movement in the port, the cable is too weak and accidents put strain on the port too easily causing potential damage. There are numerous quick release power cables and more sturdy solutions than this.

Secondly, why on each can't you charge from something other than the PC and still use the keyboard?

Thirdly, if the top two were fixed, making charging easier, adding a USB port would help so you can use a mouse too.

The issue I have is that, due to clumsiness, charging is now a combination of gentle cable wiggling and Blutak to hold the cable in place then not moving the keyboard until it's fully charged.

Is there a replacement or a fix? 

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi SteveHunter,

We're very sorry to hear the charging port on your K63 is having connection issues. First question here is, how recently did you purchase the keyboard? If it was purchased from an authorized retailer within the past 24 months, it is probably eligible for a warranty replacement. 

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