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icue wont install

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hi all the icue software wont install gets to 75% and stalls , and windows will not pick up my k70 keyboard or hs70 headset , got some driver software and that picked up the headset and installed that and they are working fine now , but key board still not there in windows and the software stills stalls on installation and widows says windows installer has stopped working , i have tried phoneing to support desk in the usa on skype but i cant get through from the uk for some unknow reason so i am at a loss can anyone help please many thanks in advance

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Make sure all other third-party programs are closed and not running as some Anti Virus, Firewalls, and even other RGB software can cause issues when attempting to install programs such as iCUE. The other thing to do is make sure you are downloading the installer directly to a physical drive on your system, and that you are not attempting to run the installer as a temporary file or from a cloud/network drive.

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