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Commander pro and phantek


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I heard you can connect phanteks neon strips to a corsair commander pro or node pro controller.

Then i was told a commander pro can have up to 250 leds pr channel and i got 5 neonstrips that are chained together and makes up for 234 leds total.

For now they are connected to a argb splitter in to the motherboards argb port.

But i would like these neons strips to be controlled with signalRGB and thats why i need a corsair controller connected.

Then i can bypass armoury crate also.


Im allready looking on a commander controler but wanted the core xt controller. Do this also have 250 leds pr channel ?

Then i want to chain em all up and buy a Corsair RGB to Motherboard D-RGB Adapter or Corsair RGB to JST-SM Addressable RGB Adapter depending on the cable lenght and cost.

Is this possible ?

Like before i buy ?

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The Commander Pro can address that many LEDs per port but it most certainly cannot power that many LEDs from a single port. I'm fairly certain that even exceeds how much power you can pull from the SATA power connector.


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