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Corsair iCUE Issues With Adding Fans

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Does anyone have much experience with navigating Corasair's labyrinth of hardware and software? I currently have an iCUE h150i Elite Capeliix AIO cooler. I'll link it below. This has 3 fans and came with a commander core controller (also linked below). The controller has 6 spots for fan control / RGB, 3 of which are being used by the aio right now. In the iCUE software, it shows up as the AIO, not the rgb controller (which I believe is normal and intended). I just got 3 additional fans for the front of the case that are icue ML 120 elites. From looking at this thing, I should be able to plug the RGB cable and the fan cable into the core controller and control these additional 3 through it (since it supports up to 6 and Corsair's info all says it can support up to 6).


When I do plug one in, though, it only partially works. I can go into the lighting setup tab of the h150i in the icue software and have it find the new fan and control its RGB, great. What I can't seem to get it to do is add the new fan to the cooling section so I can control the fan speed. And this is starting to drive me a little bit crazy. 


Has anyone added additional fans onto one of these things, and what arcane ritual did you perform to get them to show up and be controllable in cooling?


AIO Cooler:






New Fans:


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