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Corsair Virtuoso XT Auto-Off

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I feel the auto-off logic should be modified, if possible.

Some Background: My T.V. is wall-mounted above my fireplace, so I tend to recline on my couch all the way back so when I'm watching a show, my neck is slightly bent down the way it should be.

The issue is that when I'm using the headphones when watching late at night, the headphones think they are set down, so they would disconnect every 10 minutes. Took me a while to realize that the headphones have an auto-off feature and that I can (thankfully) disable it with iCue, so that is no longer a problem

So that tells me there is some sort of switch/sensor in the headphones so it knows when it is laying flat vs. sitting upright.

Is this a simple switch? Or is there a sensor that has actual position information?

If it's the latter, I'd recommend updating the logic so auto-off only occurs when there is no headphone movement at all for 10 minutes. Most people won't be perfectly still while wearing them, and that would also allow them to sleep if someone places them upright on a Corsair RGB headphone stand and leaves them for over 10 minutes. I'm not sure how much that would impact battery life but it would be neat if the impact is marginal.

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