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Product suggestion for mechanical keyboard - No halation due to backlight


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I have a product suggestion which relates to the backlight of mechanical keyboards:

Most mechanical keyboards have a backlight which includes halation - meaning, the backlight flows from behind of the keycaps.
All that halation causes unnecessary discomfort.

I noticed that only one manufacturer successfully removed the halation - Logitech (for example, with the Logitech G513 mechanical keyboard).
The only problem with it, is that the switches are very limited - meaning it has only Logitech's switches.

I'm looking for a keyboard which has the following two features:
 * Linear switch (commonly called "Red").
 * No halation.
For some reason, it is very difficult to find such a keyboard.
It's surprising how rare it is, considering how comfortable it would be to have a keyboard without the halation.

In addition, it should be relatively easy to convert existing switches to block the halation.
For example, a light blocking material could be covering the external-lower part of a transparent switch (often called "RGB switch"), thereby preventing the halation.
Alternatively, instead of a light blocking material, there could be a reflective light material, thereby reflecting the existing light of the internal LEDs and effectively lowering power consumption (less light is needed to illuminate the keycap thanks to the reflection).
The reflective material would also assist in illuminating the entire keycap, thus non-English letters which are normally engraved on the bottom of the keycap - would be illuminated as well (this is a known issue for most keyswitches).

Another technique would be to design the keyboard frame such that it would hide the halation (though I don't know whether it's practical).

Why do I write this to you?
You are manufacturing mechanical keyboards.
Per your experience in the field, you might recognize the benefit of this product suggestion, thereby creating a new line / feature for the mechanical keyboards.

A big manufacturer (Logitech) already applied it, so it is easy to understand that it has a recognized benefits.
Applying it to existing switches would be fairly easy, as I explained above.

I'd appreciate your consideration.

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