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Virtuoso SE disconnect

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PREFACE: I saw the other post from Corsair Employee Albert (12/20/2021) regarding the issue of the headset & dongle losing the ability to pair.  Unfortunately, when I try to send a direct message, the message board tells me I'm "allowed 0 posts per day.  Please try again later."  So I'm going to post my info here...

I can provide screenshots of my firmware, etc. but am unable to attach to this post. 

Virtuoso SE Wireless Receiver: v 5.7.115 (just updated today)

Virtuoso SE Headset: v 0.17.149 (stuck on this version)

iCUE Software v 4.20.169 (also just updated today)

The issue happened several months ago and I've been working around the issue since I've been unable to send off my RMA product.  However, if there's a firmware update that will fix this, obviously that will work for me as well.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!  Thank you!!!


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