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Hello everyone,

I would like to share with everyone what is happening to me.
I have a 2016 scimitar mouse in perfect condition to be detected in ICUE 3, this year I had to buy a new keyboard because my razer model got damaged. 
As I was liking the corsair brand I bought a K55 keyboard that is not detected by ICUE 3 but I have to use ICUE 4, but in ICUE 4 my mouse is not detected.
I asked for help from corsair support and what they tell me is that I simply have to buy a new mouse,
because my keyboard only supports ICUE4 and that my old mouse is not supported by ICUE 4.
They still said that I can use my mouse like a normal mouse, I was furious, a mouse with 12 buttons on the side for nothing,
I found it very stupid on the part of corsair
I had to return my keyboard to buy another brand and so I could use my dear mouse in ICUE 3 and the new keyboard in its support program,
I don't want to talk about brands.
I would like to warn you not to buy new components from the corsair brand if you don't want to have to change all the old ones you have of the same brand.
Support will be denied. Be careful not to feel the same anger and frustration I went through.
Soon I will upload a video on youtube to show you everything straight.

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