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Can't regulate the RPM from my LL120 Fans

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Hello everyone.

I just bought new Specs for a Self Build PC, everything is working and fine EXCEPT from the iCue Software / the Commander Pro
I bought 3 LL120 Fans and 2 LL140 Fans with a Corsair h100i the 140 Fans are connected to the 4 PIN Cables from the AiO and working fine, i can regulate them perfectly from the iCue Software and create a new Curve but I'm having trouble with the LL120 Fans, they are connected to the Commander Pro which is correctly connected to the Motherboard via USB and the SATA Power Cable is plugged in as well. It's showing me the Commander Pro in the iCue Software but the Fans are not showing up and I cannot create a new Curve or Change their Presets. I checked the Fanports in which they are plugged in and selcted 4 Pin Fans in the iCue Software in the right ports..

In the commander Pro its only showing me Voltages and from time to time a Fan shows up, at first with 0 RPM and then it sets them to over 3000 RPM and they disappear again?



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Are you running HWinfo, AIDA, or other monitoring software?  It is interfering with communication between CUE and controller. You need to quit the other app and then completely quit cue and associated services. Usually easier to restart your PC if you’re not familiar with the various services. Do not let AIDA or HWinfo auto-start. 

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