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Experience from i300 owners ?

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For those that have been using an i300, what has been your experience so far ?

Any issues with HW or SW that could not be easily solved ?

I am just about to place my order, but there are so many complains in the troubleshooting section of the forum that I get second thoughts.... of course, typically you will only find the worst cases there, as good cases would not make sense to report in that section. Still, it can be a bit scary considering the amount of money this C1 costs....

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@jupiterstar So simply you will be a happy camper with no issues just make sure to set cooling profile to either extreme or custom set anywhere from 75-100% fan and you're good.  If you can manage that, no other issues.  Default fan setting is trash.  That's my only complaint.

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@jupiterstar  No I haven't. It's low enough even at 100% it doesn't bother me.  When using a headset which is always while gaming I don't even notice it. If I'm not gaming can always set it back to default and it's quite.... because default doesn't do much.

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