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H150l Red Triangle Screen

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Hi everyone,
my lcd is working in a weird mode, i have this red triangle on the screen since i boot the computer.

Even inside windows with iCue loaded it will stay a red triangle with an escalamative point inside.
My Lcd it's set as "hardware" mode, so even without windows should show an animated gif.

The only solution that i got to make it work again is to turn off the computer, turn off the power switch in the power supply, press the power button for few seconds, turn it on again and power the computer again. It will works for few days perfectly, then again red triangle.

I checked the firmware: it's the last one. The problem isn't about the software or OS, bec it will give me this problem even outside windows.
Technically in hardware mode my screen have to show a logo until windows load, but nothing, it will remain a red triangle.

Is anyone having this problem? It's a faulty screen?


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