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I300 Speaker Popping on power up and down


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Anyone else’s experiencing popping speakers when powering in or off?

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😞 didn’t happen with my first gen Corsair ONE.

I normally keep the speaker volume pretty high and control volume via the OS.

Guess I’ll just need to start turning the speakers off before shutting down the i300 for now or lower speaker volume and higher OS volume.

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Hmm does the Corsair One version of the MEG-Z690I-UNIFY motherboard not have Nahimic?

Would installing any of the drivers or the audio firmware update from here would break things?

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My audio is via analog to a 5.1 Logitech sound system.

seems that maybe the firmware updater resolved the popping.


but now it takes a long time to boot up.


bios Post seems to be the hang up.

ie last bios time for startup was 66 seconds….

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