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One DIMM fails memtest86+


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I recently purchased a ValueSelect 1 GB Memory Module Kit ( contains 2 VS512MB400 DIMMs ), for use in a Shuttle FT62 Motherboard with an Intel P4 2.8 Northwood processor. The BIOS settings are at the default settings ( i.e. auto detect for FSB - 200Mz, memory timings 2.5 CAS latency, etc.) and are within the specifications for this memory.


I installed both DIMMs, ran memtest86+ v1.5.1 and one DIMM failed, so I tested each DIMM individually.


One DIMM fails repeatedly, the other gets no errors. The results are the same in either DIMM slot.


I'd like to return one DIMM and hold on to the other one.

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