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LL120 Fans and ICUE Issue


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Hi Guys,

I have 9 LL120 Fans , 3 connected to my 150i Pro which has its own RGB Hub and then 6 on another separate hub, 3 at the bottom of my case populating 1-3 on the other hub and 3 on the side of my case populating 4-6, case is a Lial Li O-11 D for reference.

I have both RGB Channels connected to my Commander Pro, the 6 in port 1 and 3 from the 150i Pro in port 2.

Fans all 9 fans work in terms of spinning and speed control.

Fans 1-3 on port 1 work without issue and the other fans 1-3 in the other Port 2 work fine.

My issue is specifically with fans in port 4-6.

These 3 fans will not working in any way with RGB, no matter what colour or profile I use they completely spaz out and go random colours and flicker most of the time.

I understand "Maybe you got a bad batch" but I have replaced 6 fans to date and both RGB hubs and its always the same issues, 3 fans will not work properly out of the 9.

Has anyone got any idea what to do? I am just short of completely removing anything corsair from my build and going to a different brand because I have spent roughly €500 on corsair fans at this stage and it still does not work. I built this in 2020 and just lived with it until now btw, 2021 I tried 6 new fans and 2 new hubs and still no fix.


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