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Noisy PSU

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I've made a new build which includes a Corsair HX1000 PSU. This PSU is emitting a high pitched noise, which I gather is called "coil whine".

When idling or during light usage like writing this, there is a faint high-pitched sound. Under full load (gaming, benchmarking, etc) the sound is very distinct, so much so that I can hear it in other rooms.

Is there a solution to this other than returning the unit?

This video demonstrates the sound so well, I initially struggled to determine if the sound was from the video or my computer (turns out: both!): 


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I got another HX1000 and I have exactly the same problem! I tried the PSUs out of the case to make absolutely sure that is where the sound is coming from.

The new unit has a very similar serial number, could this indicate a bad batch? 

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