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H150i RGB PRO XT: LEDs Have a Yellow Hue

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Hey guys. As the title states, the pump block on my AIO has seemingly developed a yellow hue. I do not believe this was a problem previously, and I am confused as to how this happened? The computer is not exposed to direct sunlight, and I shut it down when I'm not using it. I use my computer for around 6-8 hours a day.

Whenever I set the LEDs on the AIO to white, and especially when I have all of the lights in my computer set to white, it is very noticeable. I can correct it using an individual color profile in iCUE, but that eliminates the ability for me to use an all-white scene instead. What is also confusing to me is how ALL of the LEDs in the pump block are yellow, not just one or a few. 

The color in-person is basically the same as in the attached pictures. All of the LEDs were set to white using a scene in iCUE. 



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