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H150I Elite Cappellix Cooler Pump Disappeared from iCUE

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AMD 5950x

Asrock B550 TaiChi MOBO

iCUE version 4.21.173

Built a new PC two weeks ago and had no issues for about a week, then suddenly the pump won't light up and disappeared from iCUE. I am using the Commander Core that was included with my cooler, and it has 5 Corsair RGB fans plugged into it. All the fans are working and visible in iCUE. Based on my CPU temp readings I believe the cooler is working as well, and I am getting readings on the coolant temp from the commander core, it's just not lighting up and is not visible in iCUE. I have tried a clean install of iCUE (including regedit and %appdata% wipes), I have tried reverting back to the previous version of iCUE in case there was an update but I just can't get this damn thing to show up again.

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After getting an entire replacement cooler from Amazon (rather than deal with Corsair's onerous and glacial RMA policies) I determined that the problem was with the Commander Core's input jack for the pump. Replacing the Commander Core unit has fixed the issue.

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