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Looking for Corsair 350D high airflow intake kit!


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Can anyone from Corsair help me locate one? I'll gladly pay. I've been looking for what seems like 4 years now. I can't find it anywhere and its not in stock at the website and i haven't seen it on eBay.

Long Story short, I found use for my old 4790k Micro ATX build in a 350D from 2014 so I completed process of cleaning it up and updating a few components. Put in new Corsair h115i Capellix AIO and SP Elite fans along with type 3 psu cables for the RM850 and did a ton of cable management. However the airflow kit is the only part I'm missing everything else is complete and I really want to show it off. I know I can buy a 4000d but the 350d is slightly smaller and I'm trying to save space and honestly I would prefer to use my first case for pure nostalgia sake.

Thanks in advance!



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That specific case, and all spare parts for that case has been discontinued for quite a few years and are no longer manufactured or available for purchase.

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