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HX1200: Very stiff cables...

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Hi all,

I am facing a problem with building my new system: the cables that come with the power supply are too stiff, and they cannot bend.

Look for example the two cables for the CPU power: the part that is covered by rubber, does not bend at all! It is like it is glued on the inside (please see first photo). This creates two problems:

a) The cables extend where the radiator should be placed, and

b) The cable length is not enough to put the power supply into place (please see images 2 & 3).

And is not the only problem: the connector for the motherboard has a stiff length on about 10 centimeters, and again it cannot bend. And due to the case, it blocks my sata ports! (please see figure 4).

What I am supposed to do? It is the first time that I encounter such problems with power supply cables. I am really afraid it will going to break the connector in the motherboard.





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Ok, the situation is getting worse. I tried to use the two connectors on the right side of the PSU for the two cpu connectors, and the connector in the second row cannot be used! I cannot insert the clip inside the power supply!

On a close check, it seems there is a black cable (!) that blocks almost two connectors!

How can a cable block the connectors??



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