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5000x and HX1000 ATX connection issue

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No matter what I do, there is no way I can route the cable through the back cable management panel from the 2 ATX ports on a Asus z690-E mother board through the 5000x mid case to the corsair HX1000 power supply, I need like 4 more inches to keep it all hidden, even almost going mid case is super close, I saw I can purchase a prem pack of cables which are lik 3.9 inches longer. My question is do all see this? Is their a route I don't see? If not, Corsair I would have actually paid more money up front for longer cables. Cases/motherboard/PSU always been a small issue but easily over come with routing where you might not want to. While I am avid Corsair/Asus fan and huge supporter, I don't under stand why your Case and PSU dont have the length needed. Most power ATX mother ports are located in the same place. Only way I can even get close is if I mount the PSU in my terms upside down, even then its crazy tight.

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