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Brand New K63 Wireless Keyboard Consistently Disconnects Every Couple Minutes.

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I couldn't make it through typing the subject of this post without it disconnecting. Had to plug in a different keyboard.

This is my first full day with this keyboard.

Firmware: 3.13

PC: New Asus ROG B550-F

Keyboard began disconnecting about every ten minutes. Each time, disconnects became more frequent. Currently I can't go two minutes without disconnection. 

Need to power cycle the keyboard to reconnect.

Tried different ports on front and back of the case [Corsair 5000D Airflow]

Used extension cable, placing the dongle directly next to keyboard. No change.

I threw away the original packaging after testing the keyboard for a few minutes, because it functioned properly for that session and I trusted Corsair wouldn't make a keyboard that self destructs within 24 hours. So I have no way to return this and it is not useable at all.

What can be done?

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Additional Testing and Results:

Tried on multiple computers and a laptop.

Tied Bluetooth mode as well.

Tried fresh install of Windows 10 and Ubuntu.

Tried in other rooms that have no other wireless devices to minimize interference as much as possible.

Each time a new OS or computer was initially connected to the keyboard, it worked flawlessly. All computers eventually had the same result. Over time the connection got worse, until it could not stay connected for more than a minute or two.

My Logitech MX Master and Wireless EPOS headset work perfectly without any connection issues. In fact every component of my new PC works 100% - except for this keyboard and one stick of my Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM that refuses to light up. A pattern seems to be emerging. (the RAM stick did light up after a firmware update, but after rebooting it has remained dark)

One other thing worth mentioning; I uninstalled iCue on my PC and the keyboard worked again as if it was the first time plugging in. But it eventually degraded and disconnected as before.

Once a computer has begun to have connection issues, there is no way to get back to a good connection (aside from that one time when I uninstalled iCUE).



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Hey guys, just chiming in with similar behaviour from my K63 - complete disconnect from the cabled connection without warning.

  • My K63 has seen just over a year of use, with full battery cycles keeping the battery in good condition.
  • I use a USB On/Off hub to switch charging on/off, preserving the physical ports from wear and tear
  • K63 seems to disconnect from all communications once the battery has charged.
  • This is Bad. 
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