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New iCue problem with K100 lighting.

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So when the brightness of the keyboard is set to 100% in iCue. The keyboard itself is only getting 50% of the brightness. The wheel only lights up to 50% on every boot/reboot.

Back to fixing stuff dear Corsair. Fix one bug and introduce the next is what your dev is doing i think to make sure he keeps his job going.

This is just ridiculous.

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Ok apparently something got lost in the memory, i had only to resave My profile with the setting at 100%.

Beats me though why the keyboard would have had such a change to its internal stored profile.

This doesn't make anything any easier when it comes down to working with iCue. 

i know for sure that i did not change anything of setting, nor did i save the profile, it just somehow changed from 100 to 50% in the keyboards onboard memory.

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Do you have the wheel “brightness” option enabled?  It’s the top one in the list and CUE defaults to this when active. We have seen strange behavior with this before, so my general advice is to disable the brightness action if you don’t use it. 

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