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LanpartyUT 915P-T12 and 2 new DDR2 Modules.


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2Gb Twin Pack (2x1Gb) Value Select DDR2, 533 MHz, 2x128Mx64, non-ECC, 2x240 DIMM, unbuffered, CL4,


I purchased these after using DDR 1 memory for a while. Although i don't take a great deal of stock by the results. i do frequently use PC Pitstop to check my system. Since putting these two modules in i get told by PC Pitstop that my Memory results are pretty rubbish, getting 75% of what i should be getting. ( i didn't get this with the DDR 1)


I have looked on the BIOS and there i get lost, there's so many setings that I feel i need a little help in setting them to obtain better figures from my memory modules.


Any help would be really appreciated.

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