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h115i rgb ml120 fan using for case, how to control rgb

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i have a fan from a corsair h115i in my case, it has the fan connector and a four pin connector thats used for rgb, i have a x570 motherboard with rgb connectors but i cant figure out how to make it work, do i need an adapter? the fan is a ml120 rgb, is that fan from the water cooler different from the  fan sold by itself, id like to avoid using a corsair controller hub and run from motherboard, i have asrock x570 pro4, any help is helpful thanks

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Assuming this is a ML140 RGB high speed from a H115i Platinum?  The Corsair RGB fans are made to work with the Corsair RGB controllers.  In order to connect it to your motherboard you will need a 5v D-RGB header, a 3rd party adapter to make make the physical connection, and then your MB RGB software to make it work.  Note most MB RGB software will display it like a LED strips and it will not be like it was when it was on the Platinum's controller with fan specific effects.  

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9 hours ago, psycotrip said:

yes a ml140, can you send me a link or picture of a suitable adapter?

I've sent you a PM.

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