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Dark core pro SE goes into sleep mode then wont work when it wakes up

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Whats up party people ive got this issue where when my mouse goes into standby mode it decides if its gonna work or not when i try to use it next this happens once or twice a day atm. I honestly have no idea what to do any more, ive tried the hard reset of the mouse, hard reinstall of icue, uninstalling drivers, changing driver behaviour in device manager. I really need some help here because even after 2 years of telling corsair about this issue I always end up having them diverting the problem to my pc even though everything else has no problem connecting to it and i use a lot of devices over bluetooth on my pc (not at the same time, most of the time its 1 device connected through bluetooth, 2 tops) -_- I really wish I didnt buy this $180 paper weight. the only thing that works is restarting the pc for some reason, so idk is it hardware or software thats jacking up my mouse?

please help

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54 minutes ago, rompompastomp said:

hard reinstall of icue, uninstalling drivers, changing driver behaviour in device manager.

You shouldn't need to take drastic steps.  For the Dark Core, this was a prevalent issue that has mostly disappeared after firmware updates in Nov. 2021.  Make sure you are up to date.  If it does drop out into the red circle standby mode, try either 1) flipping the mouse from 2.4 to wired and back to 2.4 with the switch underneath; and/or 2) Removing and reinserting the USB receiver.  One of those two has resolved every incident I've ever had with this.


If this is persistent, see if you can try another USB port for the receiver.  At this point MB USB power/behavior seems to be the only logical reason for different user experiences with this.  

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