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Bad commander pro?

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I’ve currently got a iCUE H150i Elite Capellix installed on my system. I removed the RGB cover to fit Corsairs new LCD upgrade kit. Following the video I stupidly got ahead of myself and forgot to update the software for the H150i.

Anyway, I took the LCD upgrade out and re fitted the original H150i cover, plugged in all the necessary cables. Only now the Commander Pro doesn’t detect the H150i unless I wiggle the cable around but even then it only either lights up and spins the fans or kicks the pump in. 

Is this a common issue? And how can I go about resolving this?

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You may want to look at any of the various LCD pump top threads.  It's a finicky issue at the moment.  Your LCD top and the Commander Core are two separate devices, but they seem to have trouble co-existing on the same USB 2 path.  If you have the motherboard USB 2 headers, try direct connections for each.  You also may want to do a full shutdown, power off the PSU, and then reseat the LCD top on the pump.  This should force a reset of things, but that "touch me" wire and the dropping out suggests a more basic problem.  

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