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iCUE H150i Elite LCD screen option not showing

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Hi there, I made a post before but it kinda died because I have limited replies and can't DM anyone.
The problem I have right now is that the screen option for my H150i Elite LCD is not showing up. I messed around with it a lot in the past week and even bought a Command Pro to see if that would change anything. It feels like some sort of compatibility issue with my 5000t case? Because I can only ever get either that or the screen to fully work. Not sure if I'm plugging the cables in incorrectly or if my splitter for the cooler broke (which could be it?) But if someone could explain how to plug it into my motherboard (X570 Tomahawk WIFI) and make it all work properly that would be cool, preferably in DMs in case I get reply limited again.spacer.png

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Small update which might give extra information. If I plug in everything into one usb 2.0 slot on the motherboard with splitters it gives the same result, plugged in the commander pro and messed around a little with the cables to try and get the screen option to show but nothing happened. I did actually have the screen working before but then I can't control anything on the case but it has always saved my hardware settings (a looping gif) on the screen.

Feel free to reply as well if it's easier than dm'ing, just not sure if I can keep replying in this post or not

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I just had this problem was working just fine yesterday and today when i turned my pc on it will only show the temp screen and thats it and the screen option is completely gone now. I update icue but still no luck  

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