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Virtuoso XT and other audio output devices on Windows

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I have a Virtuoso XT headset and dongle for use on my system. I don't always use the headset. I have speakers plugged into the 3.5mm on my PC.

When I turn off the headset I have to change the audio device manually in Windows. Doing this does not change the default audio device, so all volume sliders on devices like keyboards still alter the audio for the Virtuoso XT audio output. The only way to adjust the other audio device is to open the Windows menu to adjust the volume slider using the mouse or by using the volume knob on the speaker pod. This isn't exactly the best method when you're using a full screen application.

I've looked into changing the default audio device when I turn off the headset but that isn't really an option. Does anyone have a possible fix for this?

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I've done a little digging and this is what I've found.

Windows can see multiple audio devices on my PC. Here's how they're listed:
Headphones (CORSAIR ST100 Headset Output)
Headset Earphone (CORSAIR VIRTUOSO XT Wireless Gaming Headset)
Speakers (High Definition Audio Device)
LG ULTRAGEAR (NVIDIA High Definition Audio)

The volume knob on my Logitech keyboard and the Virtuoso headset always control the volume of the Virtuoso device in the Windows settings. If I disable the device, Windows correctly adjusts the volume of whatever is the currently selected audio device. So Windows is recognizing the headset as such despite it not being powered on.

I can't seem to find a way to have Windows see the device as anything other than a headset or to change this behavior.

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