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5000D Airflow + Commander Core XT + 10 Fans - Lighting Issues for 3 LL120


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Hi there,

I'm totally new here and need some help with a brand new build. I've got a Corsair 5000D AIRFLOW, 3-Pack LL120 x3 with included RGB Hubs and Lighting Nodes, Commander Core XT, and stock Corsair 120mm fan that came with the case. I've got 3x intake fans at the front and 3x intake fans on the side all connected to the Commander Core XT, 3 exhaust fans at the top connected to the PWM Controller and the RGBs connected to a RGB Hub that's connected to the Commander Core XT, and the 10th stock fan connected directly to the mobo (no RGB).

Here is the problem: all the fans are running but I'm unable to control the lighting for the 3x exhaust fans at the top.

What am I doing wrong here that I'm unable to control the RGB of the 3 exhaust fans at the top? Can someone give me guidance on how to properly wire and set up? Additionally, since the 3 exhaust fans are connected to the PWM Controller, am I able to control each of the 3 fans independently? Please advise, as I've spent more time than I'd like trying to troubleshoot and find a solution. Thank you! 

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