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Where can I find the front grille panel of the corsair icue 7000 D?

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Hello friends


I have Corsair icue 7000X model.It's an excellent looking case.flawless design.however, my case cannot breathe easily due to the glass front.Model 7000 D is a much more performance model. the airflow is much nicer.I'm looking for the front grille of my corsair icue 7000 D or the upper metal grille panel if I can find it. where can i find this? I will try to explain with a picture.


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I just bought the glass one for my 7000D Airflow to allow that as an option in the cooler months.  🙂

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3 hours ago, hsngencer said:

thank you so much. However, there is only sale to America. very bad sales strategy.

I am not sure if they are available on other stores.  If you have looked and they are not then perhaps contact Corsair directly and ask,  Perhaps they can help you.

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