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First PC Build. Desperate for Wiring Help.


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Hi guys, I'm building my first PC I have the Corsair 5000x case which comes with 3sp fans I'm replacing with 3ML Elite Fans, as well as the lighting node, and pwm fan node, I have the H150i elite capellix AIO which comes w 3ML elite fans as well so I was going to use the commander core from the AIO for these 6 fans. My issue is I also have 3QL fans I was going to mount in my case unfortunately until doing some digging I didn't know about the difference in lighting and how it runs with the Icue software depending on fan models I was wondering if I use light node that comes with the extra fans and pwm fan node that comes with the case and plug them into different USB ports than my commander core on my motherboard will the ICUE software recognize the difference in model fans or will it bug out or how should I go about fixing this without having to buy 3 more ML fans? A diagram would be greatly appreciated if at all possible thanks guys!!

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Haven't seen close-to or set up a Commander Core yet, but on the face of it you shouldn't have a problem here. iCue will see the Lighting Node Core and Commander Core as separate devices - and allow you to configure them as you need.

If the Lighting Node Core allows the same range of configuration options as the LN Pro, then it's just a dropdown in its setup sheet to tell it what fans you have connected:


So as you say if you connect all the 8 LED fans to the Commander Pro and then the QLs to the LN Core and configure appropriately, you will be good to go.




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