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Is my PSU failing?

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Hi, for the passed few days my pc has been crashing when i try to play games.  Its strange because when i restart the computer i can run the game like normal.  I have tried a fresh installing windows, memory and gpu tests and benchmarks and all ran fine.  But then once a day the system crashes.  i was checking in my bios and noticed that the 5v voltage was RED with the reading of 4.4356.  I tried to find some info about it and have read that my PSU could be dying.  It is less than 1yr old...  So i would like to know if there is anyway for me to test or run a diagnostic to make sure my PSU is working properly.  Also to note that my PSU is oversized for my pc which consists of: AMD 3600, rtx 3070, 16G Corsair vengeance RAM (3200), x570 motherboard.  Temps running very cool aswell.  I have also checked my SSD and it is fine.

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Can you elaborate on the type of "crash'?  A blue screen and Windows restart?  Forced system restart?  Freeze?  Or full instant shutdown to off state -- no restart?

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