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Is there a way to remap caps lock to anything?

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I really hate the caps lock key (I do a lot of gaming; its very accessible and only ever an annoyance when I do press it) yet whenever I try to remap it on my K63 keyboard using the icue software I get no outputs. I tried probably 10+ keys (Function keys, - and `, some numpad keys, no dice) that would be unobtrusive to remap to caps lock but none worked. Can caps lock be remapped to something else or do I have to settle for disabling it and having wasted space on my keyboard?

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This should work and I set the one up below on my K95 XT using the 'disable' option.  Simple as set and click.  So that leaves open the possibility that the K63 does not have a disable option.  Make sure you are working in "Key Assignments" and not the hardware key assignments with fewer options.  



Screenshot (282).png

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