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Partial profile copy?

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I know this has been posted before, but I didn't see anything recently, and with a new version (4 is new to me), I thought I'd check again.

I simply want to copy a portion of a profile from one to another. Their is the import and export option, and they both let you choose what part to export/import, but the import always seems to add a whole new profile. I just want to copy the key assignments, or the lighting profile, or the cooling profile from one existing profile into another existing profile.

It's a real hassle when I start up a new profile and get the key and cooling profile done, then decide, oh yeah, I want some cool lighting effects I've already spent 20 million hours on from another profile. Or copy, start with copying a lighting profile, and now I have to remap 20 keyboard and mouse buttons, and fix all the fan curves and pump profiles. It seems like they are 99% of the way there, just give the import function an option to overwrite/replace when copying to an existing profile. Heck, just giving it the option to copy to an existing profile would be a huge deal.

Maybe I'm missing something really obvious and I need to be kicked off my soapbox. If so, please start kicking, but do me a favor and let me know what I'm missing while you're giving me the beatdown.



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You can copy profiles and then make the edits as you wish if you do not wish to recreate the profile from scratch every time.

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You can move individual lighting effects or keyboard assignments by using the Library as a cut and paste clipboard. If you need to move a few things this is usually more efficient than any type of export/import manipulation. 

However, if you are using a lot of keyboard assignments, that is always the most work. In that situation you are better off doing a full profile copy, rename the new “copy of…” profile, and then choose new lighting either of your own creation or copied to the Library. Duplicate and edit is typically the fastest since the assignments stay key bound. 

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