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remapping K70 TKL keys doesn't do anything


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I bought a second pair of K70 TKL to use on a mac. I tried swapping the alt/win key but the keyboard ignores the new settings. Deleted all profiles except the one with the swapped keys and also upload it to the hardware slot. But nothing helps.

Any suggestions?

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May you take a screenshot of the entire iCUE window displaying the keyboard remap you created and saved to the hardware profile?

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On the mac, I tried swapping between the alt/win keys -

In icue -

1) using keyboard assignment type (on mac) -


a) key assignment/+/keyboard

b) key -> select win or alt

c) the keyboard layout has both alt/win grayed out

2) using keystroke assignment type (on mac) - I was able to set the alt to the win key and than win to alt but it didn't change when trying to use it

3) using keyboard assignment type (on Windows) -

a) swapping keys worked and everything behaved as expected

b) connect the keyboard back to mac -> assignment showed correctly in the app (on mac) both the alt/win key didn't do anything

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