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Corsair One Carry Satchel

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Don't trust the carry satchel that comes in the box with the Corsair One. Had it less than two weeks and I was transporting it when one of the handle tore clean off. Brand new pc met the concrete... Haven't had a chance to check if there's any internal damage yet but the outside is really scratched up and dinged now. You'd think for a 3000+ dollar package, Corsair would include a bag that doesn't rip and dump your pc on the ground. I'm pretty upset right now. spacer.png

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27 minutes ago, Corsair Mordred said:

Hi @Ekardt

Would you be willing for me to open up a support ticket using the contact details on your forum account?

We can look into your options and have this matter resolved as necessary.

Awesome customer service, I will do that right now!

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