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Left control not being combined

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The left control key is not being combined properly. The key press and release are properly detected but combinations like Ctrl-C results in a "c" instead of the copy command.

I confirmed the Ctrl is being pressed and release properly using the `xev` command on a Linux, and using the iCue software in a Windows (the key is detected when you try to create a new keys combination).

I have no idea what's going on. It's really weird to see how the key is pressed in `xev` but at the same time being ignored when combined - actually, I would say it was impossible to happen.

What I tried on the Windows OS:

  • Delete iCue
  • Delete the Windows drivers (devmgmt.msc > Keybaords > Uninstall HID controller)
  • Restart the Windows

I have also tried to reset the keyboard as described in your help article, but I see no difference. Actually, I feel the procedure is just not working at all because when I release the ESC key the keyboard light just turns back as it was configured.

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