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Commander Core XT or Commander Pro?

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your SP120 fan, what model is it? if it's the one with a 3 pin connector for the motor, only the commander pro can vary its speed (DC fans)

If it's a 4 pin connector (PWM), either controllers will work 

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I have interest in the "Commander Pro vs XT" as well. I have 13 fans in my current 1000D build. The case comes with a Commander Pro, but it appears ( at least to me ) the the Commander Core XT *might* be a better solution than the Commander Pro. Why? Here are my thoughts:

Commander Core XT 
+ provides BOTH RBG and PWR connections to 6 fans ( fans do not need to be identical )
+ Cheaper than Commander Pro
- only ONE USB internal header / passthrough 
- only two temperature sensor connections
- only one RGB lighting channel for light strips

Commander Pro
+ provides TWO USB internal (type 2) internal headers 
+ provides TWO RGB lighting channels (light strips, etc)
+ provides FOUR temperature sensor connections 
- Only controls PWR supplied to fans - NOT RGB ( requires additional RGB hub to control fan colors )

The Core XT seems to be the better choice for me.
> I can supplement internal USB headers with a USB 4 port splitter off the motherboard
> Since multiple Core XTs can be used, I plan to use 2 XT to run 13 fans. Note that 3 fans will be controlled by the AIO, with the remaining 10 connected to the Core XT ( I think 😉 ).
> Using the Core XT is less expensive than multiple Commander Pros AND less clutter since the Pro ALSO requires separate RGB hubs for control fan lighting.

CORSAIR: I would LOVE to see a "super" XT that would control 12 fans!! 😉 Happy to pay a premium for a single unit that controls ALL the fans in the 1000D.

- Scott S


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Well, there are some other differences to consider as well.

With the Commander Pro, you can do a whole lot more fans by using RGB Hub Splitters. This is more difficult with the Commander Core XT. You also need to consider that your CoPro has a special firmware for your case - specifically for the front LEDs. There are folks that run ALL of the fans in the Commander Pro from a single channel in the CP this way. It makes control far simpler and, personally, I like the synchronized effects.

And don't ever use anything called a USB "Splitter". USB cannot be split. You need a powered USB Hub.

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Thank you DevBiker! Yes, I see where one the lighting connections on the 1000D Commander Pro is connected to the front LEDs ( very good point ). Can you help me better understand your comment on running all the fans from a single channel? I had the impression, perhaps incorrect, that I would need a second Commander Pro PLUS two Lighting Nodes to control the 10 fans ( 8 in front / 2 in rear ) as each Commander Pro and Lighting Node Pro is limited to controlling 6 fans per device.  Thanks for your perspective!!!    

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See @Zotty's setup.

In his diagram, he's running 2 Fan Hubs from each channel using Hub Splitters. But folks have run up to 6 from a single port. Four is not uncommon in 1000D builds tho.

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Wow! Thanks very much DevBiker! Soooo... it appears that it is possible to control all fans with just one (!) Commander Pro. Wow! I am very impressed / astonished! The wiring diagram is SUPER helpful. I'll take a shot at this... THANKS VERY MUCH!!

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to add... currently.. 8 RGB hubs on one RGB channel with no issues here, one Commander Pro., Hydro X blocks and pumps on the other RGB channel.. @stevesls007.. 32 fans in total.   

for power.. they are split into 4 banks of 8 on powered PWM hubs...


its an older diagram but still shows the Concept 😉


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Which AIO btw?


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20 hours ago, stevesls007 said:

The AIO I am using is the iCUE H170i ELITE LCD Display Liquid CPU Cooler. 

Then you likely do not want a Commander Core XT and are better off with a another option. You already have a required Commander Core for the AIO plus the LCD top. Anyone using any combination of LCD top, Commander Core, or Commander XT totaling 3 or more runs into bandwidth issues and one or more won’t be detected. The only workaround is to use a usb 2->3 conversion cable to make use of the usb 3 port. Since you need the Commander Pro for the 1000D and the Commander Core for the AIO, you are better off making use of what you have and filling in the gaps with PWM fan hubs and Lighting Node Cores or other low traffic RGB controllers. 

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Je monte une config config dans un boitier Lian Li PC-O11D Razer Edition qui propose un éclairage RGB du plus bel effet via 3 bandes pour personnaliser l'ambiance du setup. De plus, il est synchronisable avec le logiciel Razer Synapse 3 pour changer facilement les effets lumineux du boitier

Pour compléter j'aimerai y ajouter 9 ventilateurs QL120.

Pourriez vous m'aider sur ce que je dois prendre comme hub commander core pro ou xt pour les ventilateurs et si je pourrai brancher les led razer du boitier et tout contrôler en même temps ? S'il vous plait.

Merci d'avance de votre aide.


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