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Must restart iCUE often

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My system: iMac (2019), (newly-installed) macOS 12.2.1 Monterey, iCUE 4.20.169. When I start up my iMac (not often: I generally leave it on), iCUE starts up, but apparently doesn't see the Corsair keyboard (Gaming K68). If I restart iCUE, usually it will see the keyboard and apply my chosen profile...but not always. And sometimes, especially after the Mac goes to sleep for a while, iCUE forgets the keyboard is attached, and goes back to the circle-sweep default pattern when the computer wakes up, so that I have to restart iCUE.

Not a terrible problem, but annoying. My chosen profile is a simple motionless one that just colors different parts of the keyboard differently. I've used it for several years. Any ideas?


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