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Modular PSU Cable lengths

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Hi everyone,
can somebody help me with this one please?
I'm speccing a new build around a i7-12700K on an MSI MPG Z690 Force WiFi board.

I am debating what case to use but it will be a mid Tower ATX.

I plan to install a Corsair SFX750 psu but have heard that cables on SFX psus (generally, not specifically Corsair) are shorther than ATX size supplies. Are the modular cables supplied with the SFX the same length as those supplied with the ATX modular models?


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  • Corsair Employees

The cables that come with the SF750 PSU are intended only for SFX builds and are much shorter than the cables that come with our standard ATX PSUs. If you wish to use that PSU in anything other than an SFX build you will most likely need to purchase new cables. 

You can also find the cable lengths listed on the product page for that PSU.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Thanks for your help. That saved me from purchasing the wreong model. I cancelled my order and replaced it with a RM750x

I have now received this but am mot sure that I have the correct version. I ordered a 2021 model but am uncertain that the one sent to me is correct. I'll post a fresh enquiry in this forum.

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